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Donating to the Piedmont KTC

By donating or becoming a member of the Piedmont KTC (Karma Thegsum Choling) you help to keep the precious Buddhist teachings and the rich tradition of the Karma Kagyu Lineage available in the Piedmont area.  Operation costs of Piedmont KTC are funded entirely by donations and contributions from supporting friends and members.  We try and keep our operating costs low and teaching admission fees low, yet we always need your help.  Your donation goes a long way to help the dharma flourish and to continue to benefit beings that come in contact with it.  Please feel free to discuss any questions about donations or membership with a current KTC member any Sunday morning or Wednesday night.  This money goes to support teachings and lama visits to North Carolina, our practice center, and outreach to the local community. Contributions of any size are welcome and are tax deductible. Piedmont KTC is a 501(C)3 non-profit registered in the state of North Carolina. You can make a secure online donation via paypal below.

Anyone interested in joining or making a financial contribution to the Piedmont KTC is encouraged to call 919-968-9426 for details.


Last updated December 2013

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