Our Dharma Study Group 


In this weekly session, we participate in group study and discussion of a Dharma text from our lineage. We pick texts that are of interest to both new and long-term students, and we generally alternate between introductory material and more advanced topics. Our objective is to stimulate discussion about the Dharma and how it applies to our everyday lives. The study group is a great place for beginners to start as there are many opportunities to ask questions of more experienced practitioners. We begin each session with a period of sitting meditation. Please feel free to attend any one or more classes. New participants are welcome at any time.


Study Group Schedule




  • 7:00  – 7:15pm Sitting meditation
  • 7:15 – 8:30pm Group discussion and study


  Current Study Session


Our Wednesday night Study Group has spent more than a year in an ongoing study and practice from Mingyur Rinpoche’s book The Joy of Living.  We explore the principle of basic goodness: the idea that all the peace, confidence, and other positive qualities that we seek are to be found in awareness itself.  We will use readings, video, guided meditations, and discussion.  All are welcome, and there is no prerequisite for attending all or part of the next session. Copies of The Joy of Living are available at the center. Please join us! 


Other Details


 We rely on membership dues and donations to maintain our center. Your offerings are greatly appreciated. Suggested donation (not required) for each class is $10.


For further information, please contact us.


Come enjoy this opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest with others interested in the Dharma.